Abandoned Recipes

I love food, I love cooking, I love baking. I adore things that are umami-loaded (I will argue chocolate and some red wines have umami), crispy, crunchy and have a bright acidic finish.  I watch enough food network, cooking channel, Julia Child and Jacques Pepin to know every buzzword. I have every kitchen gadget, appliance, and fancy cookware.  For all of this I should be a pretty good cook except for one small issue:  I hate waiting.

Food is such an intrinsic part of human existence that I hope to give it the love and attention it deserves.

As soon as I can smell it I want to eat it.  The restraint required to let a roast rest is not part of my fiber and yet here I am launching a food blog for the fourth time.  I’ve taken a deep breath and started with my mise en place not only for cooking but also as part of something bigger.  I’ve turned another year older and am fully in my 30s now.  This past year was great; I married my best friend; we’re ok with our differences, similarities, hobbies and my delusional perception of what I can and can’t cook.  I am the happiest when I’ve put it all together and organized it, started with mise en place, and I am looking forward to making this a bigger practice in my day to day life.

Being local is so much more than a hipster trend, it’s a way of life that I’ve learned from my personal experiences.  A fresh picked tomato tastes better! I am committed to experiencing what any local community has to offer: farmers markets, area vineyards and breweries, seasonal ingredients and accepting the challenges that they bring.

Food is such an intrinsic part of human existence that I hope to give it the love and attention it deserves.  I want to make my interests fit together, measured appropriately, added in the correct order, perfectly balanced and when the time is right know that I have a correct mise en place to abandon the recipe all together.

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