Birthdays should come with Banana Splits

When was the last time you had a real banana split?  In the third grade my teacher used it as an incentive for us to learn our multiplication tables (Do kids even learn those anymore?).  Each number earned us another portion of the banana split: banana; chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice creams; caramel and chocolate toppings; whipped cream; nuts; sprinkles and a cherry if you made it all the way to ten. I remember telling my teacher I didn’t like strawberry ice cream or nuts so I was content to just skip those tables.

Turning 31 inspired me to have a quick trip down memory lane and I asked for a banana split for dinner, because that is exactly what adults do.  Except mine would have only bananas, chocolate ice cream, whipped cream and more chocolate. Central Michele Richard knows what they’re doing with their fried chicken and steak frites.  You’re not going to go wrong with any lunch or dinner there. But I have to get a message to Mrs Duffy; I found a banana split that will make me master my 4s and my 8s.

Not only did this banana split look amazing (hell, it came with a legit firework) it was the best thing I ate. It’s deconstructed so it is not so sugary it hurts your teeth. Each part is there for a reason and is amazing on its own. It’s a complete banana split with three coated ice creams, bananas, whipped cream, chocolate and caramel sauces, nuts and extra surprises.  The chocolate is a gelato with chocolate sprinkles and the chocolate sauce, as it freezes it coats the gelato giving it a crunchy shell. The vanilla bean with caramel sauce reminded me of a well done dulce de leche and I admit it: the strawberry sorbet was my favorite. The sorbet’s tartness was amazing by itself and with the chocolate sauces; I ate all of it.

But we were there for bananas! Digging in further, we found sweet ripe bananas in blanket of airy whipped cream, chocolate and caramel sauces topped with an amazing mix of pineapples (yes pineapples!) and pistachios.   They definitely don’t skimp, while the two of us put a pretty good dent in it, we weren’t able to finish it.

I am definitely inspired to make my own. It’s possible we’ve started a new banana split birthday tradition. And for birthday 32, I’ll be celebrating the 4th anniversary of third grade so strawberry sorbet and pistachios will be included.

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