Lunch Local: Dangerously Delicious Pies

Credit Unions across the country are supporting their local community businesses today with a special event, CU Lunch Local.  We’re all heading out to each lunch and make a difference with restaurants and food trucks owned by members of our communities.

One of my favorite locally owned eateries is Dangerously Delicious Pies.  I love their approach and I think the pie is incredibly versatile.  Case in point, my own lunch today: a slice Fat Tire beer brat pie and a slice of french toast pie.  It’s a good thing I enjoy running and yoga because every calorie in these two babies is well worth it.

I started out as a fan when Dangerously Delicious Pies opened in the Atlas District back when we lived in the city.  Their crusts hold up to a myriad of wet toppings and stay flakey whether you have savory or sweet. For lunch local, I was aiming to find a food truck near my office and when Dangerous’ Pie Truck announced they were a mere block away I knew it was meant to be.

Their traditional offerings are pretty amazing.  You can’t go wrong with STF, sausage, tomato fennel, or the pulled pork. No, I don’t always get dessert.  OK that’s a lie. Sometimes I only get dessert.  Which in this situation today, is what cemented my decision to get pie: FRENCH TOAST PIE.  Mind.Blown. Yes, I ate it first. This was buttermilk custard, topped with salted caramel, and baked to perfection.  The bruleed caramel topping encapsulated a lovely silky vanilla custard.  It stood tall on its own, I know many are adamant that pie needs topping but it seems that the delicate flavors would have been overwhelmed by anything else but a caramel.

And on to the Fat Tire Beer brat.  It’s Oktoberfest, why not?  Brats aren’t normally a go to of mine, but having tried a majority of the other flavors, it seemed adventurous to make sure I tried all the options. I made a good choice!  The sausage is slow cooked with peppers and onions in a bath of Fat Tire.  It was a good thing I ate lunch late today as I am completely satisfied with an excellent meal and knowing I helped a local business succeed!  I am proud to support my community through my credit union and by patronizing local restaurants.   You are where you eat!

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