10 Ft of Celery (Potato) Soup

As part of my culinary school requirements I have to learn, practice and master knife skills.  Their recommended techniques include chopping flour, which I’ve found to be quite delightful, and chopping 10 ft of celery, which I found to be a challenge because what exactly does one do with two heads of chopped celery?

20141108_192131As divine intervention would have it, up popped this gem in my Facebook feed about the 2nd week of my avoiding the chopped celery task.  And, well, it seemed much easier than the time I tried to make chicken noodle (we don’t talk about that in detail).

So loosely following the recipe, because I simply cannot follow a recipe despite my best intentions, I also:

  • added two potatoes instead of one because I was afraid of an overwhelming flavor of celery;
  • eliminated the dill because I did not have any;
  • doubled the stock as that felt “right”;
  • added a tablespoon of garlic and a “heavy” dash of pepper.

The blog is called Abandoned Recipes for a reason.  The rest of the instructions made sense:

Combine celery, potato, onion, and butter in a medium saucepan over medium heat; season with kosher salt. Cook, stirring, until onion is tender, 8–10 minutes. Add broth; simmer until potatoes are tender, 8–10 minutes. Purée in a blender with dill; strain. Stir in cream. * My minor edits include using an emersion blender to create a smooth creamy puree and didn’t find a need to strain.

I renamed it 10 ft of Celery (Potato) Soup due to the fact that it didn’t taste much like celery.  Fears abated.   The texture of the Celery (Potato) soup was a little too smooth for the chowdery taste, so I ended up dicing and pan frying more potatoes to add.  The hubby went for cheddar cheese and bacon bits, as seen in the picture.  Toasted baguette also went well; next time I am inclined to serve it in a bread bowl in addition to the extra add ons.  This definitely will be my chowder base going forward!

Do you happen to have any celery based recipes? Send them my way; I still have lots of chopping to practice.

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