Please Don’t Call Me A Foodie


I finally got my hands on the New Yorker Food Issue as I’m in the Chicago airport so the photo quality isn’t the greatest. But I do think the cover image is quite telling about hipsters and food.

Yes it’s slightly hypocritical of me as I write on my food blog but images like this represent the very reason I am in a culinary program. It’s funny to me that many find themselves to be “experts” when their credibility lies with the fact that they frequently dine out. Or their passion of following whatever the latest celebrity diet dictates. Trying all the latest new spots before they’re too popular will give you access to flavors and funky colored vegetables but it doesn’t mean that you have an advanced palate or you can predict the next trend will be goeduck. If I hear one more person say they are gluten-free but don’t have Celiac’s, I might scream.

Don’t think that I am trying to be counter-culture, I like to eat at the latest hip spot before Tom Sitsema and I have a food culture lifestyle blog.  But I also am chopping 10 feet of celery to make sure I have proper knife skills, I put in a substantial amount of effort to understand where my vegetables grow and I try to buy proteins that aren’t all ‘roided out.  I’d compost if the building would let me and I’ve tried growing a tomato.   It’s not that hard to actually be cultured on food and still look cool.

An integral part of a food experience, in my uneducated opinion, is the process of the food to your meal.  And that starts with the ground it grew in, or the water it swam in, the food the animal ate and how it lived. We need to start paying more attention and respect to that and less time being snobs or trying to look cool as we eat.

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