You are where you eat, shop, and vote

With yesterday being election day, I am always reminded that politics surrounds us.  Sometimes we get a little too caught up in the big level issues and instead of looking at the root causes of the problems and seeking compromise to solutions, we immediately jump to conclusions, start taking sides and blow everything out of proportion.  My husband and I aren’t on the same side of the political spectrum by a long shot but we still managed to agree on enough things to pull off a wedding.  It can happen folks.  It’s the ability to see the other side and trying to meet somewhere in the middle.  Otherwise, nothing really works.

That said, it doesn’t mean you get to abdicate all your responsibilities as a global citizen.  Everything is politics: where you eat, shop, bank are all votes with your dollars and public support.  Everything you do influences outcomes on a much larger scale than what it might originally seem.

You came to a food blog to get lectured about politics right?  I guess all I am trying to impart is that your choices have an impact and can influence outcomes.  Eater complied an excellent set of points that demonstrate our power over global circumstances in 72 Ways Food Can Change the World. Overwhelmed? Here is one slide that can be accomplished immediately, challenges my notions of the situation, and if nothing else will make for excellent dinner party conversation:

Ten Commandments of Responsible Dining:

  • Drink localinfographic
  • Eat local
  • Think global
  • Drink from the tap
  • Look beyond the spotlight
  • Know what time it is
  • Don’t be jaded about sourcing
  • Tip like a grown up
  • Be willing to pay for it
  • Complain responsibly




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