Heyyy Ladies! Girls Pint Out

Writing a post about a women’s organization that promotes discussion and educational, charitable or social events gave me flash backs to my college sorority days.  And I L-O-V-E-D it.  Two of my bridesmaids were my sorority sisters and I still remember all the dirty songs.  When I first heard about Girls Pint Out from my sister-in-law, all I could feel was FOMO (fear of missing out– it’s real folks) and I had to know more about her epic adventures with women sharing a common bond over beer and this time it wasn’t Natty Light.

Her description of the event gave me a sense of, and a true longing for, how much fun they all had even though I am nearly 2,000 miles away:

It was a long time coming. Last year sometime, so long ago that I don’t remember when, me and a bestie met up with my Aunt and cousin for a girls beer night in Spokane at No-Li brewing. Turns out that there is this group of gals in the Spokane area that set up micro-brew-centric events for GIRLS that like beer. We had a blast then, and I mentioned to the ring-leader that they should travel north for a visit to Northern Ales in the lovely town of Kettle Falls. Northern Ales started in Northport, and I won’t lie – I pretty much lived there for a little while… but even after they relocated I retain a hometown loyalty toward them. Not to mention they make some pretty stellar beer. 

Photo by Predictability
Photo by Predictability

Anyway, long story short, we finally set a date and sold a few tickets, and the Inland Northwest chapter of Girls Pint Out hosted a road trip to Northern Ales. So as it turns out, mid November, with sub-freezing temperatures, can be somewhat of a deterrent for a 2+ hour drive in the dark with the intention of drinking. I get it. So when only two girls from Spokane showed up, we did the only reasonable thing: overcompensate with our local presence. They kept trickling in, until we had almost a dozen gals, from many different places and walks of life. It was a fun group. And the beer…

Photo by Predictability

Most Girl’s Pint Out events involve beer sampling. Sometimes with food pairings, and a brewery tour, etc. Steve and Andrea at Northern Ales stepped this one up a little bit. We were each provided with a taster glass and the beer list, complete with wordy descriptions of the brews that used terms like “creamy mouthfeel”, strategically placed toward the bottom of the list so that you’ve had enough beer that this provides ample middle-schoolish giggling. The beer was delivered to the table by the pitcherful. I don’t know if you have ever calculated how many taster/shot glasses you can fill from a pitcher of beer, but with 10 beers on tap (or was it 11? I lost count after 4) that equated about a pitcher of beer apiece. And this is no lite beer.

Steve took us on a whirlwind tour of the brewery (which we were technically sitting smack dab in the middle of) between sets of the concert that his band, the Northern Aliens was playing. Talk about a man of many talents! He can play drums, brew beer AND tolerate a bunch of rosy-cheeked, beer-officianato, middle-schoolesque girls on a tour. He’s a winner in my book. There’s more where this came from —>

Turns out Girls Pint Out has a DMV chapter that I am pretty excited to check out.  I like their philosophy and if my sister in law’s experience is anything of an indicator it’s likely a good time.

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