Hog Heaven at Bacon and Bourbon Whiskey Festival

Yesterday’s Bacon and Bourbon festival hit all the flavors you could want: literally salty, sweet, and spice and savory.  A mix of tasting food and liquor celebrated the best parts of bourbon and bacon.  We were able to sample amply, and enjoy the music and excellent bacon/bourbon inspired dishes.  Turns out bourbons have a bit of a cult-like following and much like a wine tasting, bourbons have many layers to discover.

The Food:

  • The Overachieving Student Award goes to GBD for its maple bacon bourbon doughnut.  It’s a quality doughnut, with a maple bourbon glaze and we love it for all the reasons donuts are amazing.  And then they add crispy house cured bacon sprinkles!  Much better picture here.
  • The Surprise It’s Bacon Award goes to The Pig’s Biscuit Bacon Bomb. It matches chicken frying with bacon (surprise!), bacon fat buttermilk biscuits, bacon gravy, and maple syrup. A fun play on a chicken biscuit sandwich.
  • Art and Soul wins All Things Southern with its Smoked Pork and Bacon Nugget. This was very tasty, though rich! The smoked pork and bacon are deep fried and then topped with a maple bourbon glaze and pickled relish  The pickled relish helped cut some of the fattiness and was a surprising flavor in this very sweet and salty night.
  • Pearl Dive Oyster Palace wins Things You Should Know You Can Do With Bacon with its perfectly balanced bacon maple frosted cinnamon roll. Soft and chewy; salty and creamy; sweet and crunchy. The rolls are topped with a generous amount of bacon crisps so you don’t miss a single bite of perfection.

The Bourbons (all reviewed by my partner in crime):

  • Clyde Mays: A good dessert whiskey, fruity apple flavors would go well with a cobbler or a pie, or it could be a good liquor for spiked cider. Nothing says the holidays like adding alcohol
  • Nor’Easter Bourbon: One he’d never heard of and enjoyed finding something new to try. It was smooth rich sweet bourbon actually made in Nantucket.  Proving that I still have a lot to learn about bourbons, including that they don’t have to come from Bourbon Co.
  • Old Forrester: The forgotten older brother of Woodford Reserve. This is the same distillery that also makes Jack Daniels. Despite its mainstream roots Old Forrester was his preferred bourbon from the tasting because of its smoothness, warming and caramel notes.
  • Four Roses Yellow label was spicy and fruity. When the rep mentioned pouring the bourbon on grapefruit, I became a bourbon and grapefruit fan.

The event was a fun, unique night out with everyone brought together by two things that match so well: bourbon and bacon.

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