Thanksgiving: A Reason for a 15 Inch Cast Iron Skillet

When there are just two adults and a small dog in your family it’s hard to justify ownership of a 15 inch cast iron skillet. I get it.  In fact, the only place I have to store “the beast” as I’ve fondly taken to calling the pan, is in the oven.  It doesn’t fit anywhere else in our apartment.

But, the holidays come multiple times a year and therefore having a cooking tool that allows you to serve a 8-10 people is simply just a requirement. Riiiiight. Much like the husband learned, you too will stop questioning my equipment decisions.

Thanksgiving calls for large portions and even larger leftovers with large groups of loved ones.  I think that’s why I like “Friendsgiving” so much, as my hostess this year mentioned, “we wanted to spend time with people we wouldn’t hate at the end of dinner”.  Friendsgiving is totally in my wheelhouse of menu planning, preparing, serving and entertaining.  This year, I also got to be a guest; a big challenge for my personality and control tendencies. It was a blast.

In true form, I wanted a challenge of something I wasn’t super familiar with, I could make without getting my whole house dirty and would also make me try something new: green bean casserole with fried onions from Smitten Kitchen. Enter two pounds of green beans; an apartment reeking of vegetable oil and fried onions; and a terrified dachshund.  And what better to make them in than a skillet I can barely lift on my own?


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