Make the Most of Thanksgiving Leftovers

If you’ve awoken from your food coma, or are just ending the Black Friday shopping spree, now is the time to solve your leftover dilemma beyond sandwiches and turkey noodle soup. Here’s a list of untraditional things to make the leftovers a little more interesting:

  1.  Turkey tacos with cranberry salsa and brussel sprout slaw. Tip: chop up the roasted sprouts, add mayonnaise  and lemon.
  2. White Chili with turkey.
  3. Buffalo Turkey Dip.  I am dying to try this for a football party soon.
  4. Mashed Potato Soup. Tip: Add the mash slowly after you puree the celery and onions and mix slowly with the milk into a creamy mixture.
  5. Gnocchi. If you have leftover mashed potatoes, we should probably talk about this.
  6. Sweet Potato Pecan Bread Pudding. Tip: assemble during clean up to eat for breakfast the next day.
  7. Turkey Samosas.  Turkey and mashed potato double whammy.
  8. Stuffing hash.  This goes well with the sweet potato pecan bread pudding.
  9. Stuffing WAFFLES.  Yes, you read that right.
  10. Green bean casserole pot pie.  Fill ramekins, add stock, mashed potatoes, and cover with puff pastry.

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