Gifts for Food Lovers

Scrambling for that perfect gift for someone who loves food but has everything?  Food is such an experience that I would suggest just that.  Getting them something they can experience!  Alaska Airlines put together a fun list of stocking stuffers and gifts from the Pacific Northwest that I thought was super creative.  But you don’t have to be from the PNW to appreciate these goodies. Try finding things from your community to send to family or give to friends and colleagues. People fall into habits, including food, so you can help them spice things up a bit!

  • Almond Roca or other local chocolates.  I am a HUGE fan.  We got some in bulk for our wedding welcome bags. You can try to make this yourself, but since it’s available pretty much everywhere, it’s one that I typically don’t mess with.  Great for stocking stuffers, tablescapes and the candy jar.
  • Coffees.  I think its great to benefit local producers and roasters by giving their coffees as gifts.  This year we received a wonderful bag from family from Stedy’s Coffee.  I loved that it is organic shade-grown and from a coffee cooperative.  As consumers we have the ability to change business practices by demanding that product be grown, produced, bought and sold in an ethical manner and sometimes I think people forget that. The coffee has a smooth bold flavor and the beans are freshly roasted.  How delightful!
  • Wines.  While a little difficult to transport, I recently started gifting my family and friends gift cards to local wineries and tasting rooms.  Telaya was able to do just that for friends of ours from Boise who got married.  They mailed the gift card directly to the couple who now will be able to have a date night in the tasting room or select a couple of bottles of wine for their enjoyment. Do some googling and check out Yelp for reviews.  There are some great local options near most everyone.
  • Gift cards to local restaurants.  We pretty much only eat out when there is a special occasion so when my in laws sent us a gift card to Farmers Fishers, Bakers for my birthday, I was overjoyed.  We had a wonderful experience doing something we wouldn’t regularly treat ourselves to doing and they knew money wouldn’t be used to pay the bills.  This Christmastime we returned the favor with a gift card to Anthony’s, a restaurant in their hometown.
  • Spices and Seasonings.  The bacon jam from Skillet.  mmmm.  Pretty much everything from Skillet is to die for.  What’s also cool about this kind of a gift is a chance to check out your local farmer’s market for jams, jellies and other local seasonings.  Don’t get overwhelmed, it could also be a regional specialty.  I’d never heard of Old Bay before I moved to the Chesapeake region and now I and my family members in the Rocky Mountain West can’t get enough of it.
  • Cooking Classes.  This makes for a great shared experience.  Many local kitchen stores offer them or can refer you.  And what’s more fun than making something together and then eating it!

We are doing care packages for our families this year and I can’t wait to fill them with all these great things! So many options and ways to represent your area of the country while sharing the experience with others!

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