Clean Eating and Food Loving

Oh cleanses. They frustrate and perplex me.  The idea of getting all the yuck out of your body seems like a good idea, but I don’t know that I know anyone who actually felt good while on a cleanse, unless they were a healthy eater to begin with.  And then the weird requirements: “Green” Smoothie, “Broth”, salad, “Detox” tea.  Seems like you’re just trying to eat minimal calories.  And so I’ve never actually tried one.

And then I stumbled upon this Bon Appetit Food Lover’s Cleanse and found it intriguing. One, there was no juicing required.  It seems that so many of the popular cleanses today require pureed juices in strange combinations.  What if I like chewing my food?  Two, the menu actually looks TASTY.  I’ve yet to successfully make quinoa that doesn’t taste like cardboard (gives you lots of confidence in my food blog huh?) so following instructions might be a good way to fix that.

250887608-FLC-2015-Calendar (1)


I’ll be honest, I am already making substitutions: Start on January 2nd. Since our family celebrates the holidays until Epiphany, I won’t be starting until after January 6th and will need sometime to locate the more exotic ingredients; I’m basically looking at the following weekend.

Speaking of those ingredients, there are some of these just aren’t happening: Dried Turkish Figs; Bhutanese Red Rice.  My area grocery stores don’t have the highest quality or variety of ingredients and I don’t know that I would ever use Gochujang again. Though I do like the idea of the challenge. Spicy wings?  We’re also a pretty picky household and I can see that this will be only me eating a majority of the meals unless I can make some substitutes.  I do have brown rice, quinoa, barley and lentils.  And the 2014 cleanse has additional healthy options to swap in and out. Does this mean I’ve now completely abandoned the cleanse? Sounds about par for the course here.  I am however content to try!

I think what I like the most is the very real approach to eating better.  The guidelines for the cleanse speak frankly to human nature and today’s eating habits, especially the coffee and alcohol sections. I am looking forward to find tasty vegetarian options.  I also like the chance to learn how to use less refined and processed ingredients in favor of natural methods.  If nothing else its a bunch of new things to try to make!


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