Winter Restaurant Week 2015: The Source

Wolfgang Puck is such a well known name that it’s hard to pass on a chance to try his food.  This is what I love about Restaurant Week; I get to visit old favorites and experiment with new places.  I love the Source’s approach to modern food, incorporating Asian influences in a complete experience.  They are very focused on seasonality which I appreciate; food tastes better, has better texture and plates make more sense when seasonality is incorporated, in my humble opinion.

20150123_134036The hand rolls, a tea cured salmon & winter vegetable are a fun play on what you would traditionally expect. And the presentation is always spot on.  It’s fun when you can have a plate that wows you when it arrives. The art of hand rolls eludes me, I always end up with something that is a bit of a mess, burrito like and eventually it ends up falling apart.  These were well crafted and the balance of flavors was perfect, I loved the mild notes of the tea on the salmon with avocado and the vegetables were well seasoned and not over powered by the soy sauce and ginger, all in all a great crunchy option.

20150123_135930At the recommendation of our server, I tried the Fragrant Green Curry Chicken with Wok Fired Root Vegetables.  An excellent recommendation, I loved the crispy skin and the green curry sauce.  It was mildly sweet and spicy and complimented the root vegetables and the spices in the chicken. The chicken was juicy and despite wanting to, I couldn’t manage to finish the large portion.

20150123_143528Wrapping up with a chocolate torte is always a win in my book. The Source doesn’t phone in dessert. Light and airy, the cake was wonderfully chocolatey, with a chocolate ganache frosting and topped with a tart yuzu ice cream. The yuzu flavors tied it in to the asian influences of the rest of the meal perfectly.  I think that’s my favorite part of the meal, how well it harmonized from course to course.  It’s easy with Restaurant Week options to often end up with a meal that can be disjointed or confusing as you progress.  The Source is well planned for a complete experience.

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