Fried Chicken and Donuts

Yes, you read the title right. IMG_1238It says says fried chicken and donut. This combination is everything you dream of and more. A recent trip for work took me to Madison, and dinner at the Bassett Street Brunch Club, a very hipster place with brunch at all hours and great happy hour drinks. Totally appropriate for this very diverse college town.

The menu is fantastic and well thought out with a something for everyone, even if you don’t want to eat breakfast for dinner. Try a happy hour margarita, a typical margarita– not too sweet fortunately, made fancy with black salt, an extra touch you don’t typically see in middle America.  The servers are midwestern nice and happy to strike up a conversation or leave you to stuff your face with donuts…

I went with a few colleagues and was quite excited to try this specialty.  Chicken and waffle is a favorite, if you guessed because of the salty-sweet combo, you win! This take gives you that same guilt ridden feeling, there’s not a lot of redeeming nutritional value, but it’s damn tasty.  Bassett Street Brunch Club is well know for its donuts, including drive up take out. There are classic flavors like sprinkles, glazed and chocolate and FUN flavors like Oreo, coconut and even Captain Crunch. They are light and toothsome and finger licking good.

Now close your eyes and imagine a freshly fried chicken filet on top of a glazed donut.  The heat melts the glaze on the donut almost making a “sauce” if there were more of it.  The chicken is crunchy, the donut soft.  The donut is sweet, the chicken is salty.  It is a perfect ying and yang of balance make complete by a spicy syrup drizzle.

Next time you visit Madison, realize theres more than fantastic beer and cheese curds–have breakfast for dinner!

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