Pad Thai for Breakfast

What can I say?  Weirder things have happened than having pad thai for breakfast– but good pad thai for breakfast in an airport?  This had to be blogged about.

An awkward layover and a full scheduled work trip left me with little time to eat anything, except for at 10:30 AM. Wandering around the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, I wasn’t sure what my options were going to be besides snacks and coffee.  I stumbled upon Shoyu just opening and after perusing the menu threw caution to the wind and decided to have pad thai for breakfast.

The server did an excellent job of not judging me, and I do suppose at an international airport eating pad thai before noon isn’t the weirdest thing that’s ever happened. IMG_20140423_110953Asian style airport food can be super disappointing; greasy with sad overcooked and mushy vegetables, assuming you get any at all.  Much to my delight, this was the exact opposite and presented itself as authentic instead of as fast food. It was quite tasty and fresh with a large assortment of stir fried vegetables: red and green peppers, red onions, diced scallions, bean sprouts and thai basil; egg, tofu, chicken, covered with a deliciously creamy tamarind peanut sauce and garnished with finely diced peanuts. A fresh squeeze of lime brought the whole dish together.

DIY:Epicurious: Shrimp Pad Thai Making your own pad thai requires patience, creativity and is a fantastic excuse to buy a wok if you don’t already have one. I struggle with making the sauce taste authentic and not like Skippy, the tamarind in the peanut sauce will help so learn from my experience and get all the ingredients. Don’t be intimidated, most of these can be found in your average supermarket, though you make have to look in the asian foods section. You’ll be taking off in no time!

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