Birthday Brunch: Celebrate all day long!

We’ve started a tradition of celebrating my brother in law’s birthday with brunch and I might be happier than him about it. Getting people together for brunch is so much easier and there’s something on the menu for all palates! Not to mention that brunch is the best meal. Here are some of our favorites:

IMG_20140302_1116231. If you’re looking for a savory option try Ted’s Bulletin for Drew’s peanut butter bacon burger. It’s an umami bomb and basically I can really only handle it once a year but it does give me reason to look forward to his birthday. The salt from the burger and bacon bring your attention to the sweetness of the peanut butter and I could (and do) eat the sweet tomato jam straight with a spoon. Ted’s is tricky, you’ll need to call ahead to put your name on the list. That said, if you’re willing to eat later in the day, lines are shorter and they do serve breakfast food all day long.  Also, the giant booths make it a great place for larger groups.

20150301_1153172. There’s also Ted’s cousin Matchbox. I strongly suggest you ask for the daily specials as this is, in my opinion, where the real magic of their food lives.  Case in point– this chicken and waffle (if you read regularly, you know how I feel about waffles) was the special for our brunch outing this year. The presentation was delightful, almost like a sandwich, served with their spicy breakfast potatoes.  For such a heavy dish, there’s always the risk that it’ll be too dense but the waffles have a light crispiness, the chicken isn’t overwhelmingly greasy and their syrup ties the whole dish together.

3. If you’re ok with something off the beaten path, try Evening Star Cafe in Del Ray.  While their chicken and waffles are a menu regular, they are anything but ordinary; served with house cured bacon and hot sauce butter. The sticky buns with candied pecans are one of the best things I’ve eaten.  Don’t miss out on their bloody mary, garnished with a grilled cheese crouton and bacon– it’s like an adult grilled cheese and tomato soup tasting.

Honorable Mention: Farmers Fishers Bakers

Next time you want to celebrate, keep the party going all day long with brunch!

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