Argonaut’s Classic Grilled Cheese

There are somethings you just don’t try to improve upon.  I’m all for being inventive and experimenting with food, but more often than not it’s a classic because someone else got it right the first time.  In my opinion, grilled cheese sandwiches are just one of those things.

IMG_20140104_112718Grilled cheese is an art.  You can’t rush it, poking and prodding it along will just result in dissatisfaction.  The cheese needs to be gooey, not just melted. The bread must be solid, able to toast and absorb flavors while holding its own and not giving into becoming a ball of mush. I get some folks make their version in a pan, and I won’t begrudge you that, but do me a favor and try it on a grill or at a minimum a grill pan, just once.  It makes a difference.  The Argonaut understands this magic effect it will have on the sandwich. I mean, LOOK at that.  When was the last time you got the cheese to string that long!

This sandwich starts with two up for the challenge pieces of Texas Toast. You immediately get the holy trinity of cheese: cheddar, fontina, and swiss.  If you wanted to kick it up for extra cheesiness, which I do recommend, you can add pepperjack or bleu cheese. Try it each way– both have their place here and for even non blue cheese fanatics, the other cheese keep it from overwhelming your palate.  The smoky, toasted, bread adds more dimension, and is the biggest reason I support really and truly grilling them instead of just warming in a pan.  Yes, the bread will toast but you won’t get the char flavor without at least a grill pan, at a minimum.

Any extra cheese spill over as you pull apart the sandwich triangles is caught by the fantastic crispy sweet potato fries. Tossed lightly in salt and pepper, it makes the meal feel a little less like being a kid again but without destroying your sense of nostalgia.  You could order a side salad instead of the fries, which is lovely, but this is grilled cheese we’re eating here; not exactly health food. Get one of the Argonaut’s entree salads the next time. Own your appetite and go for a run after your food induced coma.

The Argonaut is a wonderful place for breakfast, lunch, dinner, happy hour, pups on the patio, you name it.  They’ve done a wonderful job anchoring H ST NE before the hipsters arrived, overcame a tragic fire and reestablished themselves as the community square with good feelings and good people.   This is apparent in the food you eat there and you’ll leave with a sense of comfort, just like in your grilled cheese.

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