Gluten Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake from the Cake Bake

You guys.  This cake.  I’m still dreaming about it.20150411_192302  My yoga studio, Mind Your Body Oasis, had a graduation party for it’s recent yoga teacher training program graduates and one of the teachers, Amanda, is also the owner of the Cake Bake. She was nice enough to bring in a gluten free chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting to celebrate. When I heard her describe it before the evening’s events started, I just assumed it would be a flourless chocolate cake and went about setting up my mat for practice.

After the yoga demonstration, we passed out pieces of cake and I could smell the peanut butter as a piece wafted by.  I was confused, this was a real piece of layered chocolate cake with a light, fluffy texture. How is this gluten free and I not be sure of it? I LOVE gluten and carbs! Barely containing my intrigue, I held it together long enough to pass around cake to those who wanted until it was my turn. Ommm-ggeee! It was moist and chocolately; the frosting creamy and well balanced with the cake.

I basically interrupted everyone to clarify that it was not just a normal chocolate cake but made with a nut flour, no gluten, to which then I learned yes it was gluten free AND that the peanut butter frosting was low sugar. Not my most zen moment. My brain couldn’t keep it together with flash backs to a really bad idea I had once to make almond flour in a food processor (Pinterest Fail). Coming back to reality, I went for another taste of the gluten free cake and realized I’d eaten every last bite of my slice. I didn’t even want like a glass of milk or cup of coffee or anything to drink with it.

The cakes from The Cake Bake are pretty amazing. There’s just about every traditional flavor: yellow, chocolate, spice and carrot and even specialty flavors like Oreo, Snickerdoodle and Chai. I really can’t wait for the next party so I can get one all for myself!

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