Taylor Gourmet Springs Forward

What has two thumbs and really likes Taylor Gourmet DC? THIS GIRL. And today is extra special because we get to sample their new spring menu!  This seasonal shift reflects the bright green color of the spring season, with kale dominating many of the menu items as a topping, garnish or salad. There are a number of options in the appetizers, salads, sides, cold sandwiches, hot sandwiches, and the veggie sandwiches

Top tastes (yeah, I eat a lot of this place because it is THAT good): The Greene, The Jackson, and the Memphis Raines.

IMG_0197 (1)The Greene is a perfect homage to spring. House Herb Roasted Turkey, Cucumber, Green Goddess dressing, Smokey Bacon, Arugula, Roma Tomato.  I love how Taylor roasts their meats in house, the flavor is so much fuller and the meat is never dry. The herbs in their Green Goddess dressing match the sweetness in the cucumber and tomatoes, bring out the spiciness of the arugula and highlight the smoky bacon; it’s a triple whammy. It’s also a great combination of textures: Taylor’s traditional bread, crunch of cucumbers and arugula make the sandwich more than substantial without being overwhelming or messy.

The Jackson, an Herb Chicken Salad sandwich with smokey bacon, avocado and Honey Dijon is a fun take on a traditional chicken salad.  It’s light and fresh; often times chicken salad can be a little much if it’s over done on the condiments or sauces. The chicken is in pieces, not shredded and the avocado and bacon offer layers instead of being mixed into the chicken salad as I’ve seen traditionally.  I’d get this on the wheat roll, you need a denser bread to support the creaminess of the chicken salad and as change in texture.

IMG_0220My absolute favorite sandwich on this menu, however, is the Memphis Raines. I can only describe this as a much better alternative to a particular fast food buffalo chicken sandwich. Maybe its just me but I find it weird that I haven’t seen a buffalo chicken sandwich on a menu here out east yet.  Oddly, back home in the Pacific Northwest buffalo chicken sandwiches permeate menus. Maybe I don’t notice or something, but I do miss them!

In my opinion, you would only order this with Taylor’s breaded chicken cutlet to stand up to the Crystal hot sauce.  Then it’s layered with kale slaw, red onion, gorgonzola cheese, and black pepper parmesan dressing.  When the gorgonzola mixes with the black pepper parmesan dressing and the Crystal hot sauce it makes a lovely mixture where the traditional buffalo and bleu cheese is reinvented.

Let’s take a minute to talk about the kale slaw.  I am not what I would call a slaw person. This kale slaw changes everything. Kale is a pretty substantial green and since it holds up to dressings like cabbage it’s a perfect candidate for this job. It’s shredded well and the red onions give it a kick of heat and sweet, cooling component that doesn’t compete but compliments the Crystal sauce.  It’s a refreshing multi-flavored combination here that really makes the sandwich sing.  I will say since there’s a lot going on, you’re going to want several napkins. Or not, the Memphis Raines is finger lickin’ good.


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