Try before you Die: Shake Shack

IMG_0007While it’s not ground breaking that Shake Shack has a pretty good thing going on, it is impressive how fresh they keep their menu with seasonal shakes, location specific concretes and holiday specials.

A recent appointment with late night munchies, or, perhaps based on my concrete order, early morning brunchies (I totally just made up a word) reminded me of how great this place really is.  It’s another hamburger place with fries and it serves wine and beer in pretty short order.

But, here’s where they really get it right, it’s all fresh.  No food ever sat under a heat lamp too long or came out perfectly preformed in a circle or square. Many devoted time and energy to conquering the magic of a shack burger. But for me, the secret is in the condiments and sauces. They are beyond complimentary; one of the reasons I LOVE the SmokeShack is that it consists of: a smashed meat patty, American cheese, applewood bacon, Shack Sauce and for the win: CHERRY PEPPERS. It’s the perfect last minute surprise of heat to cut all the savory fatty juiciness of the burger and shack sauce. Serious props to those who are trying to make this at home. But maybe leave it to the pros.

IMG_0008While many come for the burgers, you’re missing a whole concept if you don’t try their namesake: the shakes and concretes.  In this situation, I may have ordered the Doughnuts are Forever concrete to balance between dinner and breakfast, but it worked delightfully as a dessert.  Hint: it gets better if you dip your fries in it.  A partnership with Astro Chicken and Doughnuts resulted in Doughnuts are Forever, a multilayer surprise, worth the suggestion of sharing and then eating it all yourself. Vanilla ice cream tops a coconut doughnut with strawberry jam and rainbow sprinkles.  And while this is pretty awesome, I recommend you explore each of your area Shake Shacks to see the differences on their menu.

If you haven’t yet, hopefully this will convince you to try Shake Shack.  If you have already, explore the seasonal offerings and see what surprises you’ll find!

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