Girl Scout Cookies meet Girls Pint Out

Girls Pint Out is a favorite organization of mine.  They have such an interesting point of view when it comes to beer, case in point: a Girl Scout cookie and beer pairing-tasting. Partnering with three local breweries: Port City Brewing Company, Flying Dog Brewery, and DC Brau Brewing Company we had a wonderful event and tasting of two of my favorite things.


  • Trefoils and DC Brau’s The Citizen: A traditional shortbread cookie. Not overly sweet with a buttery finish a nice crunchy-crumbly texture. The Citizen™ Belgian Ale is inspired by the timeless Tripel style ales of Belgium. It also exhibits the hop spiciness that is common to most Belgian Ales.  The spiciness and buttery components of the beer and cookies don’t fight each other.
  • Samoas and Single Hop Warrior IPA: The Samoa’s coconut and caramel covering works amazingly well with Flying Dog’s specialty single hop IPA just released this April which compliment its tropical fruity notes in a tastefully done way.
  • Port City Brewery Essential Pale Ale and Do Si Dos: We’re looking at a pairing of summer stone fruits (apricots and peaches) with a touch of mild bitter hopiness for a clean finish and crisp and crunchy oatmeal outside and creamy peanut butter inside sandwich cookie.  Separate they’re fantastic. Together, this wasn’t my favorite.
  • Savannah Smiles and El Hefe Speaks!: El Hefe Speaks! is as DC Brau describes it- extremely drinkable, brewed as a traditional German-style Hefe. Flavors work in tandem with the Savanah Smiles zesty, lemon-flavors dusted with powdered sugar.  This was probably the best and most obvious paring.
  • Gonzo Imperial Porter and Thin Mints: The Gonzo Imperial Porter has great flavors of roasted chocolate, coffee and vanilla and is big and bold.  The Thin Mints are a serious cookie in their own right, but the mint joy of the cookie, and one of the reasons I can eat a box of them in one sitting, seemed a bit odd for a finish.
  • The Colossal One and Tagalongs: Port City’s Colossal One is a extra strong version of stout, aromas of bakers chocolate and dried fruits. It is rich, dark and strong, with flavors of espresso and dark swiss chocolate, spice and a touch of orange zest. Tagalongs are a Girl Scout tried and true: layered peanut butter cookies coated in chocolate.  This one went well and was also a group favorite.

This was a fun event with my ladies.  I enjoyed trying beers I normally wouldn’t and while in my uneducated opinion of beers, I didn’t think everything was a natural fit, some basic rearranging resulted in better matches: I would have moved the Do Si Dos to the Gonzo Imperial Porter; Thin Mints to The Colossal One; Tagalongs to The Citizen and the Trefoils to the Essential Pale Ale.  And then I would have tried another round because I like eating Girl Scout cookies just to be sure.  Perhaps this calls for a second tasting!

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