Dip n Chip n Chip n Dip

With Memorial Day weekend quickly approaching, it becoming easier and easier to pick things up at the store the last minute.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’ve definitely enjoyed many jars of a mystery “cheese” that doesn’t need refrigeration. But there’s almost a lost art in making a chip and dip pairing.  Late spring/early summer has so many awesome flavors in vegetables and herbs that are out and ready to play on your palate!  Let’s explore some of these options– most only require my favorite method of cooking: tasting until you’re satisfied.

IMG_0045Hummus: This one is often way overthought, with extra unnecessary ingredients.  Stick with the basics: chickpeas, tahini, lemon, garlic. Peel your chickpeas. It’s life-changing. I prefer a hearty piece of pita, but just about any chip will work.

Salsa: I could actually live off of chips and salsa. It’s one of my favorite foods.  I also like that you can change it based on your mood.  Corn and beans, yes! Mangoes and cucumbers, yes!  Traditional tomatoes, onions and pepper, always! Add avocado = guacamole! I’m a cilantro lover, but for those of you who get to soapy sensation it’s always optional. Corn tortillas vs flour tortillas– the great debate can be tasted tested amongst guests.  Taste as you go to measure balance of flavors, heat and salt– the golden rule in cooking: you can always add more, but its pretty impossible to take it out. As a bonus you, get to practice your knife skills.

Harissa bean dip:  This one was new to me and I am ever so grateful for it. It takes bean dips in a totally different direction than those sad dollops of refried beans. It’s more smokey than spicy, but you’re not going to miss any heat. Cannellini beans, or really any white bean, roasted red peppers, cumin, cilantro, garlic, lemon and harissa dance around wonderfully in the food processor into an amazing spread perfect for that piece of naan.  I’m also getting into vegetable chips– try it with beet or sweet potato chips next time.

With options like these, don’t worry about entrees, you’ll never have anyone skip the chip n dip.

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