Start of Summer Sangria

IMG_0065There is an art to Sangria that is often over looked and under appreciated.  While this might sound a little intimidating, a basic formula (not a recipe!), will have you appreciating the magic in no time.  The one pictured here from our Memorial Day celebration is, as you follow the path from the chart below:

Strawberries and peaches with muddled oranges and lemons.

A dry white wine, like a sauvignon blanc.  I typically prefer drier wines for sangria because the additions are almost always super sweet.

I am less particular about brandy, rum or triple sec but typically end up with triple sec because I also really, really, really like margaritas.

Taste here, if it’s too sweet from the muddled fruit, skip the juice. Here we went with pineapple.

Mixers: I’m pretty local to club soda.  But I also really love bubbles without dealing with a sparkling wine. You can add this to individual glasses at this point as well.

Sweeteners: If you like your sangria sweet then I would add more juice to be honest.  The agave or honey are acceptable if you’re refrigerating overnight but there’s no reason to add more granular sugar in my opinion.

Garnishes: This is where you can have some fun! Feeling spicy (literally)? Add a jalapeno ring and basil.  Mint is always a classic.  Think about the same flavor combinations as in food: mangoes and cilantro, rosemary and basil, ginger and cinnamon; ginger and mint…  Try toasting them! This is also a super easy way to make the sangira reflective of the season.




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