Toasted Parmesan Tomatoes

IMG_0183IMG_0184It’s the height of tomato season, they’re basically coming out of my ears at this point. Friends gardens, local farmers markets, even at the office, its all tomatoes all the time. I’ve made salsas and sauces and salads. Thankfully toasts are super trendy, so I was able to find some inspiration without a lot of effort.  Three ingredients and toaster oven later I had “toasted tomatoes”!

Simple preparations like this allow for the natural acidic and sweet flavors of the tomatoes to shine. To prepare you are going to:

  • Cover toaster oven tray with aluminum foil to reduce mess.
  • Slice a tomato.  I used Roma, or plum tomatoes from the local market
  • Sprinkle with a pinch of salt, garlic powder and other dried Italian herbs, if desired
  • Cover tomato slices with shredded Parmesan cheese
  • Toast to the dark toast setting, the cheese should be fully melted and perhaps even brown and bubbly.

That’s it! You could probably make a larger batch on a cookie sheet under the broiler, but that seemed like a lot of work and a hot apartment from the oven. I did end up making two batches in the toaster oven, so it might have been worthwhile to broil them anyways, because they were delish!  The salted melted Parmesan cheese amplifies the sweet juicy tomato and finishes bright and clean. I ate them by themselves, on garlic bread, and with arugula.  They were so easy!  I think they would also be a super simple crostini preparation for a party or potluck since slicing is the most work you have to do and there’s next to no cleanup work involved.

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