Wine Down Wednesday at Cheesetique

Looking for your new ladies night? Wine and cheese are a match made by Cheesetique! They have you covered with their Wine Down Wednesday and happy hour specials. For those of you who are unfamiliar (I don’t think I know who you are) Cheesetique is a wonderful specialty cheese shop and restaurant in one location. How many times have you gone to get your frommage fix, only to not pull the trigger because there’s no where to eat it, or you don’t want enough cheese for a cocktail party? Cheesetique is your remedy.

The full menu items are where Cheesetique’s creativity really shines through. Cheese is the star, to be expected, and is highlighted in obvious but untraditional ways.  There are sections devoted to Mac n’ Cheese and Grilled Cheese sandwiches where you can order unique styles such as the Billy Goat Mac: a Drunken Goat cheese and roasted chicken macaroni and cheese that is finished with toasted Chevre; or the Garden Of Eden grilled cheese: served on grilled sourdough are glazed Greek figs, arugula, Fontina and Salemsville Amish Blue cheese.

But there’s more fun things!  Like the fried mac n cheese arancini– their house Mac n Cheesetique: a combination of goat Gouda, Asiagao, and Cacio di Roma topped with truffle-infused bread crumbs; is then rolled and lightly fried into balls of amazing goodness.  The dipping sauce adds an extra layer of subtle spiciness to help balance out all the savory going on here.

Their happy hour specials are good– discounted wines, cheeseboards, and meat boards. They come with great accompaniments: breads, cornichons, grapes and additional goodies like figs, olives, Marcona almonds and bruschetta.  They serve over 300 kinds of cheeses from around the globe, so plan on making this happy hour a regular calendar appointment!


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