Going Down, Yelling Timber, Pizza

A new, welcome addition to the Crystal City FreshFarm Market is Timber Pizza.  The pizza is wood fired in a traveling oven on wheels, leading to a lovely charred smell in the air. I’m a big fan of the market anyways, but walking through I couldn’t not notice the smell of cooking dough, sauce, cheese and toppings…. PIZZA.

Locals Andrew Dana and Chris Brady met and became buddies who shared two primary passions in life: pizza and basketball, “Although their love for the game is as strong as it has ever been, the realization that neither would go pro in basketball became a reality the guys had to face. Shortly thereafter they agreed that it was their love of pizza they would pursue and decided to go pro at sauce and dough.”  And they do just that.

My brilliant idea was to order and then do my market shopping for the week.  In typical fashion, I couldn’t decide between the Green Monster: pesto, fresh mozzarella, feta, kale and zucchini or the Denzel: olive oil base, ricotta, peaches, pancetta, and tomatoes… so I got both. Here’s my thing about pizza– melted cheese is amazing but anything can be a vehicle for melted cheese and therefore I appreciate when extra attention is paid to that vehicle.  This crust was perfect. Thin, crunchy, cooked completely with a lovely, mild char that added extra smokiness to the Denzel (more about that in a minute). Both pizzas browned the cheeses, which maximizes it’s natural saltiness in an unoffensive way.

Back to the Denzel.  Peaches! I know I am a little late to this party, but I have a new found love of fruit in savory preparations.  Especially on pizza. The peaches don’t overwhelm, it is truly still savory, smoky, woody– everything you crave out of a wood fired pizza. The caramelized peach sugars are just a delightful surprise when you bite into them.

The Green Monster makes me feel better about myself– I’m getting a day’s worth of vegetables on a pizza.  That’s healthy! Right… But it’s garlicky, salty and briny while still preserving the texture of the vegetables; Timber Pizza respects their ingredients and definitely tops their pizzas with only freshest.

Artisan pizza can be so overdone and snobby.  There are definitely some places that I am just not cool enough to eat there and I am not organized enough to book a reservation two weeks plus in advance. Delivery pizzas have their place for feeding large groups of pizza– I don’t judge. But there’s something to be said for the art of making a unique, quality pizza with love for the less than trendy. Timber Pizza has all of that!


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